2035 General Motors will Stop Selling Fossil Fuel Vehicles

General Motors Corporation announced that it plans to phase out gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles globally by 2035. This is a dramatic shift from fossil fuel-powered engines for the largest US automaker.

General Motors also said that it plans to be carbon neutral by 2040. One week after Joe Biden takes office, General Motors announced that it will solve the problem of greenhouse gas emissions and substantially increase sales of electric vehicles.

General Motors sold 2.55 million vehicles in the United States last year, of which only 20,000 were electric vehicles. The company said in November that it would invest US$27 billion in electric vehicles and self-driving cars in the next five years, compared to US$20 billion before the coronavirus pandemic.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra (Mary Barra) said in a statement that Toyota and the environmental protection organization Environmental Protection Fund (EDF) are working together to “develop a shared vision for an all-electric future and achieve the elimination of new light vehicle exhaust emissions by 2035. Wish”.

Dane Parker, General Motors chief sustainability officer, said at a press briefing: “We are taking action to eliminate exhaust emissions by 2035.” It is absolutely achievable to set a goal for us 15 years later.

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