Pfizer Vaccine Sales Forecast Increased to US$15 Billion in 2021

Pfizer (stock code: PFE) raised its 2021 Covid-19 vaccine sales forecast by US$2 billion to US$15 billion. This growth has pushed Pfizer’s 2021 earnings guidance price up 10 cents per share.

The third phase study of Johnson & Johnson’s (JNJ) Covid-19 vaccine is only 66% effective in preventing moderate to severe Covid-19 globally, The preventing effect in United States is 72% effective.

German authorities not recommend AstraZeneca (AZN) Covid-19 vaccine to 65-year-old adults and similar not recommend AstraZeneca decisions was also made by French authorities.

Following news of a setback by a Covid-19 vaccine competitors, Pfizer believe that it could increase sales to US$15 billion this year than previously expected.

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