Foxconn Technology Group Deploys to Enter Apple Car Chain

The leading electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla set off a global electric vehicle trend, Foxconn Technology Group is also quietly deploying the electric vehicle market.

(European News Agency) JPMorgan Chase and Daiwa Securities are bullish on Foxconn Technology Group electric vehicle layout, pointing directly to Foxconn Technology Group has entered the Apple Car supply chain, becoming a key supplier of Apple Car chassis, components and sub-systems, and using these three businesses to start the growth engine.

Optimistically expect to see Foxconn Technology Group efforts to enter electric vehicles gradually starting next year, and will accelerate its development all the way to 2023.

Foreign investment also supported Foxconn Technology Group with actual buying orders. On the 19th, it bought more than 10,000 copies. This year, it bought more than 295,000 copies, and its shareholding has risen to 47.8%, which is nearly three percentage points higher than last year’s closing date.

On the 19th, Foxconn Technology Group stock price rose 1 yuan to close at 115 yuan. Foxconn Technology Group recently announced that its Foxconn and Zhejiang Geely Holdings have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to establish a joint venture company to provide a new one-stop service for the global automotive and travel industries, including complete vehicles, components, smart control systems, automotive ecosystems and The whole industry chain process of electric vehicles.

Geely is Foxconn Technology Group fourth car factory to announce the signing of a cooperation agreement.

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